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“Yahind.com” is the Cyber Dome created single-handedly by Syed Zia ur Rahman, from Hyderabad, India, A Non Resident Indian living in Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and working dedicatedly on a full-fledged basis for the betterment of the NRIs around the Globe.

32062_1458955792284_2773297_nA person with true love for his mother and motherland was bothered by the way; Indian expatriates were referred i.e. as “Ya Hindi” which he felt degraded our identity. From then on, he resolved to take the positive side of this reference and in SEP 2000, created a virtual motherland for the Indians residing outside India, which is today called as “Yahind.com”

Presently more than 20 people working for yahind.com worldwide to support this noble cause

Empathy is the key for creating “Yahind.com” i.e., the problems an Indian faces when he/she lands outside India is the underlying factor that has necessitated the creation of “Yahind.com”

An attempt has been made by the CEO, Syed Zia ur Rahman to protect his country fellowmen by providing various services and information through online media that will reduce the troubles that NRI’s encounter during their normal course.

NRI’s and the solutions to their problems at every stage have been the main area of concentration while creating “Yahind” and the best part is that, any suggestions and assistance which NRI’s would like to give, the CEO would embrace it with open arms.

‘When in pain a person always remembers his/her mother for help’ ‘Yahind.com” is the virtual mother whom you can call when you have a problem.’

Create a Virtual Welfare Community for NRIs Worldwide

Serving Indian’s Globally. Live Locally, Serve Globally.

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