Ajman Chamber participates in the Saudi International Trade Fair of Excellence

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Ajman Chamber participates in the Saudi International Trade Fair of Excellence


Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated in the activities of the Saudi International Trade Fair for the privilege, the head of a delegation of the owners of trademark as part of the Chamber ‘s keenness to promote foreign participation and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to participate in various exhibitions franchise within and outside the country.

The delegation was headed by Omar al – Nuaimi business Franchise Development Department, he participated under the umbrella of the room a number of local brands, including “Cafe Modena, Dana Mall, Abdullah al Group, Saqo Cafe, The ships Creative Design and Mr. Bloch.”

Said Mohammed Al Janahi , Executive Director of Business and Investment Development in Ajman Chamber, the Chamber is keen to participate in various exhibitions franchise business in order to enhance cooperation and exchange of experiences with various stakeholders and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs citizens to review their brand and identify new brands, which enhances their experience and it opens up prospects for cooperation and partnership with their counterparts from entrepreneurs from outside the state.

For his part , Omar al – Naimi stressed the importance of participation in the Events Saudi International Exhibition of commercial franchise, and considered international exhibitions and platforms for workers in the franchise sector has particular importance for entrepreneurs to review their scores on the one hand and the search for new projects on the other hand, pointing out that the franchise sector is one of the most attractive sectors for community projects at rates great success.

During the participation in the exhibition by the Ajman Chamber delegation visited the Ambassador Sheikh Shakhboot bin Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE ‘s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, during the visit , the delegation reviewed the Ajman Chamber ‘s efforts in support of business leaders in participating in various international exhibitions, and the importance of participating in the Saudi International Exhibition number local labels for entrepreneurs citizens, enabling them to strengthen cooperation and joint partnerships with Gulf entrepreneurs participating in the exhibition.

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