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Artistic Flair For Eggs

Written by K N Wasif in Urdu
Transformed into English by Faheem Jawaid

An egg is a symbol of creation. A life is enfolded in an eggshell. The whole process of production and creation of an existence out of an egg is a known fact.

Generally, we pay no heed to the eggshells and throw them away. However, not everybody is like us. Mrs. Farha Sayeed is definitely not!

Mrs. Farha Sayeed belongs to Hyderabad and is wife of Dr. Ausaf Sayeed, Indian Consul General - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

After intricate carving and cutting the eggs and eggshells of Ostrich, Goose, Rhea, Emus, Duck and Chicken; Mrs. Farha Sayeed embellishes them with patterns and designs using pearls, brocades, velvet, satin, rhinestone chains, and beads.

About six years ago, Mrs. Farha Sayeed was attracted and fascinated by this art when she was in Doha, Qatar. She learnt the fragile and delicate fine art of carving, cutting and slicing of eggshells. She further enhanced this fine art, using her inborn artistic talent and skills. Artwork has always been her forte. Her mother and sister too, have natural flair for handwork and other arts. Traveling from one country to another provided her with opportunities to learn more and more again.

Mrs. Farha Sayeed tries every piece of her art to be different from other. She exhibited her bizarre and extraordinary pieces of art in Denmark, in October 2002. She is willing to exhibit her various artistry of art in Jeddah, in near future. She does silk and metal painting too and her house walls are decorated with many of them. Usually, she portraits birds, animals, and kids.

According to her, a hobby has no cost. She buys the eggs from different countries. She has her all delicate-and-fragile-pieces-of-art" insured, and hence has to be very careful in packing, at the time of travel.

Want to see, enjoy, and appreciate her masterpieces?

Special to YaHind.Com

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