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Humble beginning :

A humble beginning in one remote corner of the city of Dubai a decade ago has now become an emulative model for social organisations in many parts of the world.

Dubai Indian Islamic Centre has a noble philanthropic service with a string of enviable achievements under its belt, which would have been the dream of any organisation in the field of social work.

With the blessings of the Almighty Allah DIIC could step into many bold fields that were not treaded by many. Throughout this period it has been receiving innumerable accolades for its remarkable efforts in enhancing the overall standard of the life of expatriates in the country. It could be a meaningful bridge between the UAE society and the Indian community.

Helping Hand

The DIIC has always extended a helping hand to the most needy among the expatriates. During many natural calamities back home, it rose to the occasion to help the victims. In short, the DIIC has been a strong and immaculate presence in the field of social work in the UAE during the past decade.

Inbibing the spirit and enthusiasm gained during the last ten years, the DIIC has found it only proper to celebrate the occasion with some fruitful programmes.

Free medical camps

Throughout these years of humanitarian work among the expatriates the DIIC has found out that many of them were not in a position financially to even consult a doctor. The last six free medical camps conducted by the DIIC have revealed that many of the Indian expatriates were living with chronic diseases but were not able to seek medical help. These camps could help many people in detecting diseases who could not afford high medical expenses required for such check ups. It also followed up the cases of the deserving patients even after the camp and rendered services to the patients for getting, special treatment in serious cases.

However, it was found that it was not enough to concentrate only in the emirate of Dubai as many such expatriates live in the neighbouring emirates. In order to cater to a wider range of people in need of urgent medical attention, the DIIC has conducted a Mega Multi-specialty Free Medical Camp at Gulf Medical College, Ajman.

Quran Competitions 

The DIIC has been organising inter-school Quran recitation and cultural competitions every year since 1998.

The centre has been conducting various comps, literary programmes, awarness classes and cultural activities over the years. However, the Quran competition has been designes to be a part of the Centre’s ongoing efforts to provide a common platform for students of various nationalities, where each of them are given an opportunity to prove their mettle in a real international arena.

Television Programme

The centre, with its multi-pronged activities has also stamped its firm foot in the most challenging field of electronic media with its television programme, Dhrmarekha, that has become a household name among the expatriate community by now. The centre believes that disseminating the message of Islam is not only a duty but also a necessity in the present-day. In today’s world, innocent people are being tormented in the name of caste, colour and creed, which at times reach to the level of ethnic cleansing. This exactly was the reason behind the Centre’s entry into the electronic media, which is one of the strongest media to spread the religion of peace, Islam.

Dharmarekah, the Ramadan programme produced by the centre in 2001 was a first of its kind ventrue, which brought tremendous goodwill to the organisation. It paved way for a string of such programmes produced by many organisations and individuals. Dubai Indian Islamic Centre was the first such organisation to produce a television programme on the pious occasion, Ramadan, and air it on one of the most influential Malayalam channels, the Asianet. The programme, which stood out with its sheer quality, conquered the hearts of millions of Malayalees all over the world.

Contact Address

P O Box 93700
Dubai UAE

Tel : 971 4 272 68 00
Fax : 971 4 271 68 88

Cell : 971 50 650 54 22

Email :

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