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Human Appeal International (HAI) was established in the UAE in November 1984. It is voluntary, non-governmental charity organization working in the field of development and relief.

HAI has acquired a consultative status (Category II) with the UN Economicand Social Council, a permanent membership with the International Islamic Council for Propagation and Relief, a monitoring status with the International Fund Board of Trustees for Agriculture and Development (IFAD), and a membership in the International Council for Voluntary Agencies.

HAI has concluded several memoranda of understanding, among them, the memoranda with Unicef’s office in Riyadh and with Arabian Gulf Programme supporting the developmental organizations in the UN.

Among HAI’s achievement is implementation of several joint projects with the UN  Developmental Programme, UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

In pursuit of its humanitarian aims, HAI has adopted four primary programmes that have become more and more active throughout the past 15 years. Number of beneficiaries from these programmes has swelled to almost 10 million people in 50 countries.


i. To develop poverty-stricken societies by improving their educational, health, social and economic conditions. 
ii. To contribute in the aid and relief of societies suffering natural catastrophes or social misfortunes.
iii. To fill the needs of orphans and improve their health, psychology and social conditions.
iv. To strengthen communications and ties with its counterparts in order to keep abreast of developments in this field.



I. Provide drinking water in drought stricken regions by establishing wells
II. Implementation of agricultural and vocational projects in order to provide productive means for the locals
III. Establishment of special centers for the rehabilitation and care of orphans and homeless children.


i. Contributing to the establishment of schools, kindergartens and vocational training centers.
ii. Providing funding, scholarships and school bags for needy students
iii. Equipping schools and educational centers with equipment and necessary tools.
iv. Contributing to the establishment and management of Quranic Centres.


i. Establishment and management of permanent and mobile clinics and establishment of motherhood and childhood care centers.
ii. Supplying hospitals and clinics with medicines and medical equipment
iii. Participating in health awareness and preventative medicine programmes
iv. Inoculation campaigns for children
v. Managing health caravans


i. Establishment of emergency relief camps in areas suffering disasters or social calamities.
ii. Supplying disaster areas with tents, blankets, medicine and other relief
iii. Dispatching qualified volunteers to execute relief operations in disaster areas



Human Appeal International plans further expansion of its charity programmes. A five year plan prepared by the charity organization aims at extending sponsorship to 37000 orphans as well as executing several charity projects in the social, educational, health and relief fields.

To further increase the effectiveness of its work. HAI plans to use the latest tehnologies in information and communications system in order to maintain world class operations at the minimum administrative costs.

The 2000-2004 plan

Following is the brief outline of its programme :

i. To deploy and maintain support by coordinating with Unicef and partners in region targeted by our projects, by working towards implementing aims of the International Child Summit Conference 1990
ii. To eradicate poverty from the perspective that it is a religious and ethical duty, while seeking to achieve aims of the International Summit Conference for Social Development, 1995, and adopt the following procedures. 
a. Empowering individuals and local governments by providing resources and
capital for their small projects.
b. Setting up of programmes and projects that aim to protect the weakest members of society (women, children, disabled, aged and refuges).
c. Supporting the woman’s role in eradincating poverty by providing education and rehabilitation, so that she may carry out her developmental role in the family and society as a whole.
d. Protecting children’s rights and supporting national efforts to provide educational and health projects and services. Protection, care for and sponsorship of orphans, and maintaining the steady growth of the project.
e. Establishing trust funds (trust for the sick, student trust, modest family trust, orphan trust).

3. To adopt projects will comprehensive goals ( humanitarian, social, economic, promotional), and ones with the highest priority in the respective region.

4. To focus optimum aid and support on regions with the least development. Adopt new initiatives focusitng on construction and development projects that alleviate poverty.

5. To deploy more support and resources from donations to fulfil the aims while working on broadening the donations pool locally and internationally. To diversify and activate resources, and extend and develop ‘waqf’ (endowment) projects.

6. To enhance relations and cooperation with UN developmental programmes by establishing effective partnerships on the field.

7. To consolidate and coordinate efforts for the purposes of eradicating poverty and fulfilling social development.

8. To develop joint programmes with the primary funding organization in the UN and its agencies specializing in the fields of motherhood, childhood, refugee relief, health, health awareness and agricultural development.


i. To provide sponsorship to 37000 orphans, to aid and support their families and develop their potential towards independence.
ii. To achieve excellence and quality in executing 600 charity projects in the social, educational, health and relief fields.
iii. To diversity funding resources extend ‘waqf’ projects and develop self supporting resources for HAI.
iv. To increase ethe effectiveness of humanitarian work by using the latest technologies in communications and information systems; and financial automatic systems; and the development of HAI’s administrative capabilities in order to achieve world class status at administrative minimum costs.


Human Appeal International has been carrying out relief operations worldwide for over a decade. It has helped the poor, the orphans, widows, war victims and provided relief in times of floods, droughts and other natural calamities.

Here is a brief outline of its achievements over the years.

 15 years of local and international humanitarian work
 50 countries where HAI’s projects have been executed
 1200 development projects for the relief of poverty and suffering
 22 local and international offices and agents
 10 million beneficiaries
 27000 tonnes of aid
 1527 productive families
 18300 sponsored orphans
 406 mosques
 390 drinking water wells
 54 health caravans
 19 permanent medical clinics
 307 mobile medical units
 11 sponsored doctors
 15 schools and kindergartens
 1 vocational training school
 516 sponsored teachers and students
 1200 financially funded students locally

P O BOX 1286
Tel : 06-7471777
Fax : 06-7427444

E-mail : haiuae@emirates.net.ae
Website : www.human-appeal-int.com

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