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 Hyderabad has enjoyed its longest period of sustained socio-cultural development during the year 1920-40. The following generation from 1940-50 witnessed a change from a princely country to democratic way of life. The years that followed made education as its stabilizing factor for each and every Hyderabad household. 

So busy, in fact, that every Hyderabad's household started to multiply a record number of graduates in all field of education and professions including Information Technology. 

Many of educated elite ventured  out of Hyderabad in search of greener pastures and had progressed considerably. Those who migrated to western countries had made quite a place and name for their adopted lands. Some of them who became expatriates in the many countries of the Middle East attained certain balance in their life, but could not form a cohesive cultural identity for themselves although Hyderabadi community is well known by nature to assimilate all kinds of adverse conditions for maintaining its true characteristics. 

This manifestation is address to those educated elite from Hyderabad in Jeddah, who wish to rejuvenate their community aspirations to join up to create a cultural togetherness and  seek out common grounds for the purpose of meeting once in a while to exchange cultural fraternity for which we Hyderabadis are proud of. 

Few likeminded Hyderabadis started Hyderabad Overseas Association at Jeddah for the purpose of cultural fraternity and serving community in the field of Information Technology and Higher Education. 

Hyderabad has emerged as one of the IT center of  the world Major software companies from USA and Europe have established their offices Local Hyderabadis are exporting Software and benefited financially, but overseas Hyderabadis from Gulf and USA are left far behind. Certain elite group of Hyderabadis from Jeddah felt there is need to gather likeminded Hyderabadis at one platform to start work in IT sector and extend their activity all over the Kingdom.

Our Vision

 HOA to unite and serve Hyderabadi community of Saudi Arabia. Promote cultural fraternity, Information Technology and Higher Education 

Our Mission

 HOA to provide all assistance and guidens to Hyderabadi community in the Kingdom and update opportunities existing in jobs, business, export, IT projects and developing resources.

Our Strategy 

1-     Establishing HOA branches all over the Kingdom

2-     Membership drive, contacting all Hyderabadis in the Kingdom

3-     Database of Hyderabadis (personal, family, professional and business information's)

4-     Regular community interaction 

Our Values

  Hyderabad culture, customs, food and Ganga Jmna tahezib is famous and known all over the world. HOA to promote Hyderabadi culture, customs and food through various cultural programs. 

HOA Programs

 Regular Community Interaction(Quarterly Community Get to gather) Membership Drive. Creating and Updating IT awareness (Conducting Seminars) Floating IT projects in Hyderabad involving Gulf and USA, NRI,s Export Opportunities for Hyderabadis (Exporting Indian products to Kingdom and Gulf and USA) Guiding Hyderabadi community how and what products to Export. Preparing Database of Hyderabadis. Insurance for Hyderabadi community (Accident - Death coverage) Pravasi Suraksha + Kuduma Arogya. IT Consultancy to assist Hyderabadis for IT jobs News Letter

 People Behind HOA

  Mir Sadat Ali Khan, President Dr. Khaja Nasser , Vice President

 Executive Committee Members

 Akeel Wahab Saleem Quadri Zaheeruddin Baber Meer Mohammed Ali Hashmi Dr. Sameehuddin Syed Shoukat Dr. H.A. Khader Mohammed Syeeduddin Dr. R. Baqar

 Contact Us

 Tel: 966-2-6177743, Fax: 966-2- 6612485 Email: mir_sadat_a@hotmail.com P.O. BOX: 3077, Jeddah - 21471 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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