Dubai Municipality issues clarification on burning potato chips video

Published on Dec 18 2017 - - Gulf - -

Dubai Municipality issues clarification on burning potato chips video

Dubai, 18 December 2017:

In response to a video clip circulated across social media that shows burning potato chips, the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality clarified that this rumor is not true and said that the escalation of fire flames on the fried potato is a natural result of burning carbohydrates, oils and salt contained in the product, and does not indicate the presence of any chemicals that can seriously affect the safety of food product.


Dubai Municipality appealed to the public not to circulate any video or rumor without checking the facts and relying on scientific references. Consumers need not doubt the safety of these food products as the regulatory authorities do not hesitate to take all necessary measures to ensure their safety in all stages of manufacturing. Dubai Municipality also takes samples of all the food items that are traded in the emirate and subjects them to stringent laboratory testing program.


Consumer protection and safety are the most important responsibilities of the Food Safety Department. The Municipality urged public to make direct contact with the Food Safety Department to obtain the correct information.


The official clarification comes within the “Confirmed News” initiative launched on Dubai Municipality portal, which aims to reduce the circulation of rumors that are spread through the means of social media and to correct false news and malicious rumors and address them quickly.

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