FUNN Hosts Animation Workshop for Children

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FUNN Hosts Animation Workshop for Children

‘Imaginate!’ three-day workshop teaches stop motion technique to the younger generation



Sharjah, January 21, 2018,


Children in the UAE had the opportunity to learn about animation techniques at a special workshop organised by FUNN – the Sharjah-based government entity dedicated to promoting media arts among young people. The activity was designed to teach the youngsters attending the ‘stop motion’ technique of shooting and to ignite their passion for film making and image creativity.


A hands-on session for those interested in video art, the ‘Imaginate!’ three-day workshop took place at the headquarters of Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah – a subsidiary of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation (Quarter of a Century Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators). The activity saw attendees learn the fundamentals of the stop motion technique and receive a step-by-step guidance on how to turn a conceptual idea into a creative video.


Participants at the sessions were given various art materials and props that helped them to produce their home-made cinematic offering, so that by the end of the workshop, each student was able to create their own stop motion video using a number methods and materials.


Day one of the ‘Imaginate!’ workshop involved the participants getting to know each other through an ice-breaking session, after which they were introduced to the principles of stop motion. They then used what they had learned to create an animated cartoon. Day two saw them in a ‘Candy stop motion project’ and the final day three had them undertaking a ‘Clay insect come to life project.’ The workshop organisers were keen to highlight how the sessions instilled in the children a desire to become more actively engaged in the media arts.


“FUNN is delighted to announce that it has successfully hosted its first 2018 workshop for children, which was focused on the stop motion animation technique. FUNN runs sessions throughout the year to help students learn the fundamentals of arts and film-making, with its programme incorporating the latest techniques in the subject of media arts and film,” said Sheikha Jawaher bint Abdullah Al Qasimi, Director of FUNN and Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival.


“Through its variety of tuition seminars and classes, FUNN looks to provide children and youngsters with a fun learning space where they can discover their hidden talents and learn about the wonders of film making. Ultimately, through its workshop programme, FUNN aims to provide a platform for children to express themselves, unearth their passion for movie-making and find out more about their creative side,” Sheikha Jawaher added.


FUNN works to nurture a generation of creative artists in media and film and to promote new media works by children and young filmmakers of the UAE at international film festivals and conferences worldwide. Its larger goal is to foster talent through these local and international events to form a close-knit network of talented young people who can share their experiences and expertise on a global scale.

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