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  •   Scientists discover new inherited eye disease
  •   Losing over half a stone could help beat heart disease
  •   Simple keyhole heart op could cut stroke risk
  •   H1N1 drug Tamiflu effectiveness questioned
  •   Exercise ‘doesn’t alleviate period pain’
  •   H1N1 unexpected weakness revealed
  •   Engineered bacteria to turn carbon dioxide into liquid fuel
  •   New mechanism that forms blood clots discovered
  •   How sun exposure is linked to childhood food allergies
  •   Pistachios ''can cut lung cancer risk''
  •   Stem cells can be engineered to kill HIV
  •   Childhood cancer survivors ‘at increased heart disease risk’
  •   Testosterone ‘leads to fairness, not aggression’
  •   Low carb diet ''increases heart disease risk''
  •   Fatty food ‘weakens immune system’
  •   Infusion of bone marrow cells may reduce second heart attack risk
  •   New approach to treating lower back pain
  •   Coming soon: Drug addiction treatment
  •   Grape juice ‘reduces memory loss’
  •   Rhinitis ‘quadruples chance of an asthma attack’
  •   Umbilical stem cells could help recover lost vision in people with corneal disease
  •   Tamiflu effectiveness questioned
  •   New gene may lead to personalized ovarian cancer treatment
  •   Feline ''pawprint'' in HIV genome uncovered
  •   Loneliness can make cancer ''more deadly''
  •   Coffee ‘cuts advanced prostate cancer risk’
  •   Fish may help cut colon cancer risk
  •   Soon, a pill to straighten curly hair!
  •   Antidepressants could alter personality while relieving symptoms
  •   Turmeric, pepper ‘can help keep breast cancer at bay’
  •   Type 2 diabetes gene linked to childhood obesity
  •   Garlic, chilli ''ineffective'' against A/H1N1virus
  •   Childhood traumas linked to poor mental, physical health in adulthood
  •   Fit boys make smarter, successful adults
  •   Common link between HIV-related memory loss and Alzheimer''s found
  •   Blood lead levels linked to depression, panic disorder
  •   Peptide delivers medicines directly into tumor
  •   Kicking the butt beneficial for asthmatics
  •   Clue to foetal blood vessel failure found
  •   ‘Live’ spread of cancer cells tracked
  •   Fruit fly neuron can rebuild itself following injury
  •   DNA traces shark fins to American waters
  •   Soon, urine test for pediatric obstructive sleep apnea
  •   Hand wash most effective way to avoid H1N1
  •   Vitamin D levels linked to survival in lymphoma patients
  •   New 3-drug combo may effectively treat multiple myeloma
  •   Now deaf people can talk on cellphones using sign language
  •   New gene findings may help treat infant leukemia
  •   Poor working memory behind parents’ sudden lash out (re-issue)
  •   Stare at boobs for 10mins a day to live an additional 5yrs! (Re-issue)
  •   Healthy mind really does live in a healthy body (re-issue)
  •   Genes make emotional stress ‘painful’ (re-issue)
  •   How dietary restrictions are beneficial for healthy aging (re-issue)
  •   ‘Anti-inflammatory diet’ can keep Alzheimer''s, cancer at bay
  •   Stare at boobs for 10mins a day to live an additional 5yrs!
  •   Low birth weight linked to early puberty, cancers
  •   Heavy snorers ‘50pc more likely to develop diabetes’
  •   How ''Twist'' fuels breast cancers
  •   Angry women ‘look manly’
  •   How dietary restrictions are beneficial for healthy aging
  •   Increased dairy intake cuts risk of uterine fibroids in black women
  •   Muscle cell infusion may help treat gastric reflux, fecal incontinence
  •   How stem cells win body''s battle for survival
  •   How stem cells win body''s battle for survival
  •   Weight loss reduces obese men’s sleeping problems
  •   Genes make emotional stress ‘painful’
  •   It''s official: Cellphones don''''t up brain cancer risk
  •   Cannabis beneficial for multiple sclerosis, confirms study
  •   Ciggie smoking ‘increases colorectal cancer risk’
  •   Soon, a window that washes itself
  •   Smoking early in the morning ‘ups lung cancer risk’
  •   Birds'' alarm calls to warn friends and foes
  •   Practicing in the mind can also make you perfect
  •   Chinese ''herbal'' ciggies as unhealthy as regular ones
  •   Girl who sneezes 12,000 times a day is suffering from PANDAS, say docs
  •   Bad teeth tormented ancient Egyptians
  •   Breastfeeding protects mums from metabolic syndrome
  •   New discovery may lead to more potent antibacterial drugs Home
  •   Simon Cowell refuses Lady Gaga’s lamb demands on X Factor
  •   Panto bosses sex up show with Pammie’s six-year-old pic
  •   Carbon and oxygen isotopes in tree rings may shed new light on past climate events
  •   Popular diabetes drugs could elevate risk of heart failure and death
  •   Elevated CO2 levels may mitigate losses of biodiversity from nitrogen pollution
  •   Stable nerve connections preserve memories lifelong
  •   ''Super Glue'' may help save babies with Vein of Galen malformation
  •   Distrust of men doesn''t stall low-income mums from romance
  •   Lizards can change their diet to avoid predators
  •   Fruit flies may offer drug addiction treatment
  •   Fruit fly uses same mechanisms as humans to regulate cholesterol, fat
  •   Hair reveals ancient Peruvians were stressed out
  •   Scientists discover four new species of King crab
  •   Scientists use lasers to create macroscopic yarns
  •   First transgenic prairie voles created to unravel genetic secrets of pairing
  •   Aspirin could compromise effectiveness of vaccines
  •   Glucose intolerance in pregnancy linked to postpartum cardiovascular risk
  •   Pornography overly demonised, says researcher
  •   Meet ‘sexsomniac’ Belle Floor who turns into a sex addict while sleeping!
  •   Gentle talk, not yelling, a better tactic to make bad boys behave
  •   Condom use in China ballooning
  •   Cells must get rid of ‘garbage’ to keep up muscle strength
  •   Scientists find way to boost output of next generation solar cells
  •   Artificial skin with optical sensors to give robots ‘humanly’ touch
  •   Novel tumour-attacking virus may offer brain cancer treatment
  •   Successful weight control strategies for teens identified
  •   Bodybuilders getting chest lumps ‘after taking diet supplements’
  •   Brown fat cells could help get rid of love handles
  •   Educational home visits may improve asthma symptoms in kids
  •   Scientists expose biology of emergent Salmonella
  •   Cola intake heightens diabetes risk among pregnant women
  •   Blame genes, not stress, for grey
  •   Chicken capsules 'can provide relief from rheumatoid arthritis'
  •   How stress may kill you
  •   Western diets 'turn on genes that make us obese'
  •   Overweight kids may develop spinal abnormalities
  •   How malaria parasites manage to outwit our immune system
  •   Birth order may determine personality
  •   Stroke and heart disease trigger identified
  •   Long-term exercise prevents aging of cardiovascular system
  •   Call for BPA baby bottle ban after breast cancer link
  •   Public sector workers find it easier to decide on having a baby
  •   Mammography could increase breast cancer threat for high-risk women
  •   Lead paradox could lead to new therapy for Lou Gehrig''s disease
  •   Skunk users ‘seven times more likely to suffer from psychosis’
  •   New mechanism of blocking HIV-1 from entering cells identified
  •   Dream-enacting behaviour common in healthy youngsters, says study
  •   Antibiotic fails to prevent preterm labor
  •   Calls for ban on 'Russia slandering' film Ivan the Terrible
  •   New tool may help assist pediatric heart surgery
  •   New material may help combat arterial disease
  •   Key to staying slim, healthy is a bowl of wholegrain cereal for breakfast
  •   Diabetes cases to double in the next 25 years: US study
  •   Molecular brakes that affect brain plasticity identified
  •   Living like a pig could actually be good for health
  •   Airbrushed models blamed for women suffering low self-esteem
  •   How anti-cancer drug works
  •   Stem cells heal lungs of newborn rats
  •   Closing schools can curb swine flu-spread: Study
  •   Eat less meat to save Earth and your heart
  •   How are we able to talk even in a noisy room
  •   Stomach hormone may help slow Parkinson's progression
  •   Exercise 'cannot undo heavy drinking damage'
  •   Skin implant that can destroy cancerous tumours
  •   'Mental illness' gene identified
  •   Childhood experiences influence teen pain, depression
  •   Dentists can help determine your risk for heart attack
  •   Potential therapeutic target for stress-induced high BP identified
  •   Excess salt intake linked to higher risk of stroke
  •   Alzheimer's study may help develop new drugs for urinary tract infections
  •   Protein from pregnancy hormone may avert breast cancer
  •   New device may help in early detection of cancerous skin tumours
  •   A cup of Brazilian mint tea 'can reduce pain as effectively as leading drugs'
  •   Young girls worry about being fat even before starting school
  •   Molecule that makes obese people develop diabetes discovered
  •   Chocolates 'can reduce stress'
  •   Rofecoxib's adverse heart effects may have been identified years earlier
  •   How air pollution, cigarette smoke trigger coughing
  •   Researchers unravel 'runner's knee' mystery
  •   Gene mutation 'key to glioma brain cancer growth'
  •   Expert claims modern 'superdiets' just based on myths
  •   Novel test may speed up war against cancer
  •   New drug target may help treat chronic rhinosinusitis with polyps
  •   Exposure to lead, tobacco smoke ups ADHD risk
  •   Novel therapeutic target for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma identified
  •   New insights into post stroke cell death mechanism could offer possible therapy
  •   Soon, spray-on skin that heals burns in days
  •   Gene mutation 'key to glioma brain cancer growth'
  •   Obesity can be treated by surgery, say experts
  •   Laser therapy can worsen skin cancer
  •   Direct link between insulin, core body temperature discovered
  •   Shifting blame to others is socially contagious
  •   Sleep 'boosts memory'
  •   Enzyme that causes breast tumours identified
  •   Surgery doesn't lead to memory problems in older patients
  •   Vicks nasal sprays recalled over bacteria fears
  •   H1N1 riskier than regular flu for asthmatic kids: Study
  •   Movie popcorn + soda = calorie bomb
  •   Erectile dysfunction drug 'improves heart function in kids'
  •   Molecular trigger that helps prevent aging and disease found
  •   Why hepatitis B hits men harder than women
  •   Women's saliva proteins change with advancing age
  •   Heavy drinking 'cuts men's heart disease risk'
  •   New treatment for hemophilia launched in India
  •   NuvaRing, world's first vaginal birth control ring, launched in India
  •   Soon, an injectable vaccine to help kick the butt
  •   Depression 'is as deadly as smoking'
  •   Kiss of life can do more harm than good
  •   Exercise-linked irregular heartbeats not risky for healthy older adults
  •   New discovery paves way for Chlamydia vaccine
  •   New combination therapy may help treat breast cancer
  •   Broccoli, cauliflower may help treat cystic fibrosis
  •   Smokers more vulnerable to bladder cancer
  •   Eating fruits, veggies can make you look sexy!
  •   Keep heart attack victim cool for better survival chance
  •   Blame stress for low self-esteem among youth
  •   Why injured areas turn sensitive even to soft touch
  •   Genetic defects linked to inflammatory disorder
  •   Heart, bone damage from low vitamin D levels amplified by estrogen shortage
  •   Low-calorie, low fat diet better for your mood
  •   Exercise lowers stroke risk
  •   Fatty deposits impair heart function

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Health Awareness Tips
Individual awareness to the most commonly experienced health problems from our day to day life, it’s alarming signs and symptoms.

Allergies, colic, heatstroke, pinkeye, anemia, diabetes, hemorrhoids, sleep, asthma, diarrhea, hepatitis, sty, appendicitis, ear infections, hiccups, tachycardia, backaches, ear wax, heart disease, tension, bronchitis, ear blockage, immunization, varicose veins, baldness/alopecia, eye strain, insomnia, weight problems, cancer, fainting laryngitis, common cold, gastritis migraine, constipation, gout, measles, coughing, headache, mumps, chicken pox, heat exhaustion, nose bleed...

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Medical Emergencies
Abdominal wound, bullet wounds, food poisoning, abrasion burns, thermal, frost bite, acid burns, carbuncles, gas poisoning, aerosol sprays, cat scratch, fever, heart attack, alkali burns, charley horse, heat exhaustion, angina pectoris, chemical burns of the eyes, leeches, animal bites / rabies, chemicals on skin, muscle cramps bleeding, minor, chigger bites, nose bleeds, blisters, convulsions, sciatica / lower back pain, blood blisters, ear, foreign body in, scorpion stings, boils, electric shock, sprains, bone bruises, eye, foreign body in, strains, botulism / food poisoning, fever, sunburn, brown house (recluse) / spider bites, fingernail injury, toothaches, bruises / contusions, fish poisoning...
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Growing Internet Problem
The growing use of Internet and online chatting during the summer holidays is creating health problems among children and also impairing their vision.

"A large number of Saudi children are staying awake the whole night watching satellite TV programs and doing online chatting. Then they come to our clinic with headaches, abdominal pains and general weakness.

Referring to the health problems among the children, unlike in the past when they used to visit the clinics only during Ramadan, there had been a suger in the number of child patients during the last two years marking the advent of the Internet.
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Prevention of heat related disorders
EYES : Exposure to UV radiation leads to premature formation of cataracts. Reflected light is particularly rich in harmful short wavelength ultraviolet radiation. Using a spurious sunglass is more harmful than not using any glasses, as these glasses cause a shading effect but do not cut the UV. The shading effect cause the pupil to dilate and present a larger aperture for the UV to enter the eyeball.

SKIN : It is mostly the shorter wave length UV radiation ( 290 - 320 nm ) that cause damage. The skin could be damaged acutely as a Sun Burn or chronic damage in the form of premature aging of the skin, dyspigmentation, solar keratosis and skin cancer. Preventive measures include : Gradual exposure of the skin to sunlight over a few days, this gives time for the body to produce melanin, the protective pigment in the skin. Wearing fullsleeves shirts and wide brimmed hats.Using a sun barrier cream.
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Rift Valley Fever
Rift valley fever is a fever causing disease affecting the livestock and humans in Africa. The disease is most common during heavy rainfall. The mode of transmission is through an infected mosquito (Aedes mosquitoes) and other bloodsucking insects. The disease is named after a trough stretching 4,000 miles from Jordan through eastern Africa to Mozambique.

The virus is in its inactive state within the eggs of an Aedes mosquito. The eggs of the Aedes mosquito hatches numerous amount of infected mosquito that feed on livestock causing the spread of the virus. This occurs during heavy rains and floods. The occurrence of the disease in a large number of domestic animals is referred to as an “Epizootic”; its presence can lead to an epidemic in humans.
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Ten ways to get a handle on stress
Exercise is a key method of working off stress and tension. But there are many other useful approaches to managing these problems.

1. “Blow off steam” When angry or upset, or when feeling any kind of stress or tension, it’s wise to engage in some kind of physical activities. Virtually any kind of physical activity provides an outlet for the “fight” impulse – as contrasted with a “flight” urge – thus relieving mental or emotional stress.

2. “Talk it out”: Is there someone in your life whom you trust and respect? That person may be the one to sit down and “talk it out”.
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Life Can Be "Like A Box of Chocolates"
Remember the famous line from Forrest Gump's momma in the 1995 Oscar-winning film? "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Well, that may be true. But there is one thing we do know - if you don't practice proper dental hygiene, you're most certainly gonna get a cavity, or at least periodontal disease.

It is easy these days to become overwhelmed by the advertising and media attention focused on dentistry and dental products. And while this attention may seem excessive, it does help to emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene for health, beauty and overall quality of life.
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Painless Dentistry ...Pulp Fiction or Virtual Reality?
What do you fear most about going to the dentist? Just the thought of having a needle inserted into your cheek and a cavity removed from your tooth is enough to bring tears to the eyes. However, surprisingly it is not the actual dental procedure that most often terrifies patients. According to surveys, the site of a needle and the sound of the drill were the two most feared elements of dentistry. It may seem strange, but visual stimuli, sounds and even memories can actually enhance pain. In fact, fear and anxiety related to dental procedures very often complicates matters. It is comforting to know that just as the mind can trick you into interpreting sights and sounds as pain, so too can the mind be used to control pain. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the severity of dental discomfort and offer options for its control.
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Introduction: One should not forget that many poor nations of Africa & Asia still struggling to improve healthy weight of nationals. Poverty, dense population, uncontrolled infectious diseases, lack of health facilities, addictions are contributory factors for the poor health standard. On the other hand middle or upper class population & the developed nationals are highly prone for obesity, hypertension, Coronary vessel obstruction, Diabetes, and Arthritis. It has become a routine part of life. We have to look at people with envy, who do not have these diseases in fifties & sixties. Every one will label such people as lucky, healthy & fortunate people of this era. Everybody tries to follow the fact files and try to achieve such health but very few people will attained that target.
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