PM Modi says India strives for world peace, contributes most in UN Peacekeeping Forces

Published on Nov 13 2017 - - India - -

On the sidelines of the 31st ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Summit being held in Manila, Philippines, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday held bilateral talks with US President Donald Trump.
Following his meeting with Trump, PM Modi said that the relations between the two nations are growing and that the two countries are working for future interests of Asia and humanity. The meeting lasted for about 45 minutes behind closed doors. PM Modi then went on to address ASEAN Business summit in Manila and talked about India’s jump in ease of doing business ranking and emerging as a frontrunner in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
He also attended a reception held by the Indian Community and said that India strives for world peace. During the day, PM Modi visited the International Rice Research Institute and Mahaveer Philippines Foundation.
ASEAN Summit live updates:
5:09 pm: PM Modi concludes his speech to NRI community in Manila.
5: 08 pm: PM Modi referring to Indians in Manila say that we will work and change India in a way that you will all want to live and come back to India.
If 21st century is considered to be Asia’s century, then it becomes our duty to make it India’s century & I say it is possible: PM Modi to Indian community in Manila
— ANI (@ANI) November 13, 2017
5:07 pm: PM Modi amid loud cheers says, “I will continue doing the work for the people who chose me.”
5: 04 pm: PM Modi plugs in Aadhar scheme in his address to the Indian community, says when we connected the Aadhar with gas subsidies we found subsidy was being issued to people who did not exist.
5:03 pm: Modi without naming Congress says, there is a paucity of thinking.
5:00 pm: PM targets Congress in Manila, says the difference in level of thinking was such that the party in its 2014 election campaign promised to increase subsidised cylinders from 9 to 12, meanwhile, the BJP said we will provide connection to 3 crore houses in 5 years.
4: 57 pm: PM says we have picked up from where Mahatma Gandhi left, more than 2.15 lakh villages in India are free from open defecation.
Which citizen doesn’t want cleanliness? We have started from where Mahatma Gandhi left & till now more than 2 lakh villages in India have become open defecation free: PM Narendra Modi
— ANI (@ANI) November 13, 2017
4:55 pm: PM says the Jan Dhan Yojna helped people in developing a saving attitude among the people, says since inception people have deposited Rs 67000 crore in these accounts.
4: 54 pm: PM Modi praises his government’s steps towards increasing banking awareness in the country through Jan Dhan Yojna.
4:52 pm: We have lived by the words of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, says PM Modi.
4:50 pm: Every Indian can feel proud that India soldiers contribute the most in UN Peacekeeping Force around the world, by continuous deployment to restore peace and normality: PM Modi
4:48 pm: Remembering World Wars, PM Modi says that 1.5 lakh Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives for world peace, not for acquiring or conquering lands.
4:45 pm: Prime Minister says no one can stop Indian once they get a level playing field and any aspect of life, says “We have never wronged anyone in the entire history of our country.”
4:42 pm: PM Modi says I have come to a region that is very important for India, says “No matter if you are living outside the country, you still feel for the nation both in times of happiness and sorrow.”
4:40 pm: PM Modi addresses Indian community in Manila on Day one of ASEAN Summit.
4:22 pm: While Delhi suffers from one of the worst phases of air pollution with an AQI of 378, PM Modi is experiencing a wonderful day with clear skies in Manila which has AQI of 30.
As PM Modi visits Manila for the #ASEAN2017 , blue sky is visible from Marriott hotel where he is staying. AQI in #Manila : 30. AQI in #Delhi : 378. #AirPollution @IndianExpress
— Shubhajit Roy (@ShubhajitRoy) November 13, 2017
3.40 pm: PM Modi says he wants to make India a Global Manufacturing Hub and make the youths job creators. He also spoke about the robust maritime and air connectivity between India and ASEAN countries.
3.30 pm: On the ease of doing business, PM Modi said India’s rank jumped 30 places. The world is taking notice, he said.
PM Modi also said India is now the front-runner in attracting foreign investment. “We are now a globally integrated economy,” he said.
3.15 pm: PM Modi is now addressing a business summit in Manila.
The government of India’s ‘Act East policy’ puts this (ASEAN) region at the centre of our engagement. Task of transforming India is proceeding at an unprecedented scale. We are working day and night towards easy, effective and transparent governance: PM Modi.
Digital transactions have increased significantly. We are using technology to reach out to people. Keeping our emphasis on ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’, about 1200 outdated laws have been repealed in the last three years. We have simplified processes to start companies and for other clearances: PM Modi.
3.00 pm: The meeting between PM Modi and Trump has ended.
2:45 pm: The two leaders are meeting just months after PM Modi’s visit to the US. Currently, bilateral meeting is in progress between the two leaders.
#WATCH: Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets US President Donald Trump in Manila, holds bilateral talks #Philippines
— ANI (@ANI) November 13, 2017
2:36 pm: PM Modi on meeting with US President Donald Trump, said that the relations between the two nations are growing and that the two countries are working for future interests of Asia and humanity.
2.20 pm: PM Modi meets President Donald Trump. He will be locked in bilateral talks for the next 45 mins.
2.00 pm: It appears the meeting between PM Modi and Donald Trump is on. The Prime Minister left the hotel he is staying in to meet President Trump.
PM Modi leaves Marriott hotel for the meeting with US President Trump. It’s a 10 min-drive to Sofitel. @IndianExpress
— Shubhajit Roy (@ShubhajitRoy) November 13, 2017
1.10 pm: Indian Express correspondent Shubhajit Roy, who is in Manila, reports that the meeting between PM Modi and Donald Trump is been delayed due to the latter’s schedule. The Prime Minister is yet to leave his hotel.
12.00 pm:
Interacted with Indian scientists, students, researchers working at IRRI. India’s ICAR and IRRI have been cooperating for four decades. India is also involved in helping IRRI in strategic planning, helping decide key goals and working to overcome hunger as well as poverty.
— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) November 13, 2017
11.30 am: PM Modi was visiting the Mahaveer Philippine Foundation which was set up by Manila’s Indian origin Mayor, Dr. Ramon Bagatsing. “The Foundation has been instrumental in the fitment of the Jaipur Foot to needy amputees. About 757 amputees benefitted from the programme in 2017,” the PMO tweeted.
11.00 am: PM Modi met 9-year-old Carlo Migel Silvano, who is among the thousands of Filipinos fitted with ‘Jaipur Foot’.

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