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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lies at the far south western part of the Asian continent and occupies almost 85 percent of the Arabian Peninsula's area. It borders the Red Sea to the west; Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait to the north, the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE to the east; and Yemen and the Sultanate of Oman to the south.
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Throughout its history Bahrain, in ancient times known as Dilmun and Tylos, has been considered as a focal point where different cultures and people can meet, and where business and social exchanges can occur in a peaceful and mutually convenient setting. This long-standing role has been further developed in the modern State of Bahrain which hosts a vibrant international business community while promoting economic stability and peaceful international relations.

Bahrain's socio-economic success and political growth are the result of prudent government policies aimed at providing a secure, peaceful and rewarding atmosphere for its people.
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Egypt was one of the first centers of civilization in the world and its recorded history stretches back at least 6,000 years before the time of the pharaohs.

Such a past has left the country with an unsurpassed collection of ancient monuments and relics of antiquity. Whilst the pyramids - amongst the world's largest constructions - are perhaps the most famous of Egypt's sights, Roman ruins, Byzantine churches and exquisitely decorated mosques testify to the various cultures that have influenced the country and its people over the millennia.
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The State of Kuwait is an independent Arabian country situated at the northwestern head of the Arabian gulf, bordered on its south and south-western sides by Saudi Arabia and on its north and north-western sides by Iraq. It has a total land area of 17,818 sq kms, a coastline of 195 kms and land frontiers of approximately 700 kms. It lies between the latitude 45.28o and 45.30o N and longitudes 30.46o and 30.48oE, and experiences a continental climate typical of other desert regions at these latitudes.
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Lebanon capitalizes on the initiative of its people and its geographical location to make up for a lack of natural resources. Traditionally, a substantial percentage of the country's income derives from remittances sent by the millions of Lebanese residing overseas. A service-based economy, its trading, banking and financial facilities as well as its free currency market made Lebanon the region's commercial and tourist center before the war. With peace established and reconstruction underway, Lebanon is once again serving as a commercial and touristic capital in the area.
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The Sultanate of Oman, occupying the south-eastern section of the Arabian Peninsula, is a culturally rich country with some of the most magnificent natural scenery in the world. Its long history and ancient traditions are strengths that have underpinned its modern development guided by its Government, which is led by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.
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The discovery of oil in Qatar in 1939, and its commercial exportation which began in 1949, were turning points in Qatar's development, heralding a new era of accelerated progress in a wide range of fields, including administration, infrastructure and the economy, together with associated improvements in the social and cultural arenas.
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From the Euphrates to the Mediterranean, from Zenobia to the Crusaders, there is not an inch of land in Syria that history and men have left untouched. A veritable open-air museum, with deserts and oases, blue beaches and valleys dotted with olive trees, the earth itself in this cradle of humanity is steeped in an Oriental perfume.
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United Arab Emirates
Bordered by the Arabian Gulf to the north, the Hajar mountains and Arabian Sea to the east and the vastness of the Arabian desert to the south and west, the United Arab Emirates offers travellers a unique holiday experience. The best of the modern world combines happily with age-old traditions of Arabian hospitality with the age-old traditions of Arabian hospitality. Add to this, an inviting climate, excellent sports and leisure facilities, uncrowded beaches, spectacular desert and mountain scenery and a culture that dates back centuries and it is easy to see why the UAE has become such a popular destination amongst discerning travellers from around the world.
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Yemen is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world and the country's history dates from the very dawn of humankind. Set in the south of the Arabian peninsula between the Arabian and the Red seas, Yemen contains a variety of landscapes ranging from the vast emptiness of the desert to long, sandy beaches, from fertile green valleys, to the barren summits of some of the highest mountains in Arabia.
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