South African cultural Night amazes audience

Published on Apr 17 2017 - - Gulf, World - -

Shoayb Casoo, South African consul general,Eng Mohammed Bakhreiba, Founder of Call of Culture and Youth Rep to the United Nations and Wael Al-Saygh from Saudi travel and Tourism authority Makkah on the cultural exchange event at the residence of Consul General on Tuesday. (Photo by Fouzia Khan)

Catchline: South Africa wants to be part of Kingdom’s Vision 2030

Fouzia Khan

Jeddah: South African consulate with the cooperation of Call of Culture, a non-profitable organization organized an evening on cultural exchange with the aim to enhance the brotherly relationship and understanding between the people of two countries on Tuesday.

South Africa diversity of culture, food, music, artwork, architect, beautiful scenery was enjoyed by the attendees which amazed them at the event.

Shoayb Casoo, South African consul general welcomed the guests from both the communities and said that the culture is a way we transmit from one generation to another and it identifies us with a unique identity.

He further said if we don’t appreciate other’s culture and art, we won’t understand others, so there is an expression of people through culture, food, dressing, and architecture.

Exchanging culture between societies is almost like getting to know each other better, it also helps in strengthening the trade ties and opportunities for investments and in developing economies.

Today’s cultural exchange program is part of that strive to give people of the Kingdom a better picture of South Africa, experience of understanding of South African people and bring South Africa to Saudis, “I hope Saudis get a better experience of South African culture today, so when they visit South Africa, they can experience the hospitality, the friendless, the openness of the country and people,” he said.

People to people relationship go way ahead of government to government relations, “it’s a unique opportunity, we hope this is first of many events, people will enjoy the diversity of South Africa and it will helps in strengthen the relationship between people of South Africa and Saudi Arabia, and in understanding investment opportunities in both the countries,” he said.

He said the travel and tourism between Kingdom and South Africa increased with the time, as last year they had almost 45 present increase in new visa applications, though the consulate is giving to many Saudis multiple long term visa, more than 15,000 Saudis travelled to South Africa in 2016, from 2015 to 2017 it grew to almost 80 present.

South African embrace all cultures and the best destination for travel and tourism.

Eng Mohammed Bakhreiba, Founder of Call of Culture and Youth Rep to the United Nations said Culture promotion is a very important aspect.

“We thought of promoting cultures and understanding in an innovative way by engaging Social Media Celebrities who has millions of followers so the impact of bridging the cultures would be more sound. it’s part of our mission as young in oration and Muslims to recognize others culture and promote our own culture,” he said.

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